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Biden LA Fundraiser Features Attacks on SCOTUS, Trump but Is Really a Telling Comment on Biden

Joe Biden had his Los Angeles fundraiser on Saturday night. He blew off the Ukraine peace summit to try to haul in some money from Hollywood bigwigs to help his failing campaign. Biden’s campaign was claiming that they anticipated pulling in $28 million from the event. That’s a big haul, but that’s not as much as former President Donald Trump took from one event in April with more than $50 million. 

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What was the event? People were paying to listen to Jimmy Kimmel “moderate” a conversation between Barack Obama and Biden at the Peacock Theater. So you knew immediately it was likely to have a lot of falsehoods and ignorance. George Clooney and Julia Roberts were co-hosts. Jill Biden, Jason Bateman, and Barbra Streisand were among others who made some remarks. People paid $250 for a seat far from the stage and up to $500,000 for a package that included better seats, photos with Biden and Obama, and an after-party.

Biden looked awful; he looked about a million years old, and I don’t know what they’ve done to his face. 

The sad thing is that they need Obama or the celebs to help turn out the people. As David Sacks noted at a Trump fundraiser, it’s Trump who’s the draw, which points out one of the problems for Biden in this race. 

Kimmel said that Trump “doesn’t care about regular people,” which was laughable because Trump was with regular people in Michigan reaching out to black voters while Biden was with the Hollywood glitterati. 

Biden has been doing badly in the polls and Trump just moved ahead of him in the long-time blue states of Virginia and Minnesota. At the fundraiser, Biden called polling methods outdated. It’s not the polling methods that are outdated — it’s Biden who Americans are worried is “outdated.”

In yet another attack on our system of government, Biden jabbed at the Supreme Court, claiming it “has never been as out of kilter as it is today.” “The fact of the matter is that there has never been a court that is this far out of step,” Biden claimed, trying to undermine the Court yet again. Biden has often bragged about defying the Court on things like the student debt issue.

Biden also pushed the ridiculous Democrat effort against Justice Samuel Alito. 

If Trump is elected again, Biden said, he “is likely to have two new Supreme Court nominees.”
“The idea that if he’s reelected he’s going to appoint two more who are flying flags upside down… I think it is one of the scariest parts,” Biden said.

So let’s see, it’s scary if Alito’s wife flies the flag upside down at her home, but it’s not scary if the person occupying the Oval Office tries to undermine our Supreme Court before the world, and that’s not considered a “controversy” by the mainstream media? That makes sense. Not. 

They also attacked former President Donald Trump. But what they said about Trump was a humorous unintentional comment on Biden. 

“I could have done nothing and done better than he was doing,” Biden.
The ABC late night host then went into a long list of Biden’s accomplishments, often interspersing them with irreverent quips.
Kimmel later noted that Biden said he was “fighting to restore the soul of America and lately it seems like we might need and exorcism. Is that why you visited the Pope?”
Biden laughed and said, “The truth is the way in which we communicate with people these days, there’s so much opportunity to just lie….If you have just one source you go to for your news, it’s just easy to convince people that that is the only truth that’s out there.”

Um, Joe? You haven’t done better. You’ve made everything worse. And it’s funny that he says there’s “so much opportunity to lie” because he’s constantly lying. That’s the real telling comment here. He’s everything he tries to attack Trump over. 

Obama went off on that same path.  

There was a time when we had certain core values that we agreed with. We believed in basic honesty. We believed in paying your taxes…that we did not try to politicize our military, that we respected the ballot.”

He falsely attacked Trump over the border when it was Biden who did away with the security that Trump put in place.

My gosh, that’s twisted, and yeah, it’s the Democrats who have an issue with the values. Have they checked how much their boy Biden lies? Also, how his son is now facing trial for not paying taxes? How about the fact that both Biden and Obama hurt the military with woke nonsense, and Biden canned people for not getting the jab? And let’s not even start with how Democrats tried to kick Trump off the ballot. Talk about anti-democratic. 

While none of the leftist protesters who came to yell about Gaza paid the money to get inside the building [even they apparently didn’t want to contribute to Biden], they did yell at people outside.

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