Biden Tells More Whoppers at Military Event As Jill’s Face Seems to Say It for All of Us

On Sunday, I reported on Joe Biden’s visit with military families at Naval Station Norfolk. He attended a Friendsgiving and made remarks before the families got to see an advanced screening of the movie “Wonka.” 

Around military members, he always talks about his son Beau, which he did at length. Then he seemed to get confused talking to service members about seeing themselves ship out. But perhaps the cringiest moment was when he made a beeline to a little six-year-old girl and told her he “loved her ears,” and asked if she was 17. She did appear to be wearing what looked like Mickey Mouse-type ears on her head. 

Why is it always the six-year-old girls? Jill’s face looks like she’s saying it for all of us: Where is the handler?

But Joe wasn’t quite done with the weird comments for the day. You can predict the falsehood he’s going to tell based on the audience he visits. In this case, it was Naval members and their families, so here comes the fake story about how he was going to join the Naval Academy, except that he wanted to play football, and they had Roger Staubach and Joe Bellino there, so he went to Delaware. 

Notice he starts to say that he was “appointed” but stops himself. At least he didn’t say that, but he implied it anyway to those who actually were serving. Not a good thing to make up such things to those who truly serve. 

“By the way, I’m all Navy, but, uh, I was appointed to the, eh, anyway, I was going to go play at the Naval Academy ’til I found out the other guys in the backfield were a guy named Roger Staubach and Joe, Joe  Bellino,” Biden said. “So I decided to go to Delaware.” 

Last year, he claimed he got an appointment to the Naval Academy in 1965. Except that didn’t make a lot of sense because he was graduating from college already in 1965, from the University of Delaware. The part about Staubach and Bellino didn’t make any sense either. Staubach graduated in 1965, and Joe Bellino in 1961. So, even that part didn’t add up. Biden told a whole story that could not have happened to military members who are truly going to serve. Plus, Biden got deferments and never served. He also only briefly played football at Delaware, so he had no real football career. 

Here’s Jill’s face during Joe’s spiel. 

But seriously, I don’t feel sorry for her on this. She could step in for the good of Joe and the country, but she’s not doing so. 

Biden wasn’t quite done. He had to tell them he “liked kids more than people.” 

“I wish I could stay and watch ‘Wonka’ with you, but I’m not gonna get to do that,” he said. 

He’s made this “like kids more than people” comment in the past. Does he not think kids are people? That’s a bit twisted. And yes, we know he likes kids by the way he sniffs them. Don’t remind us of how weird you are, Joe. 

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