Nolte: NYT Says Unvaccinated Kids Must ‘Eat Quickly’ on Thanksgiving

The far-left New York Times is telling its readers that unvaccinated kids must “eat quickly” during Thanksgiving and wear masks while not eating.

That was the Times’ sociopathic advice for a reader dumb enough to ask the Times for advice.

“If our child, 9, and a cousin, 10, have each received one dose of the vaccine two weeks prior to Thanksgiving,” the reader asked, “is it safe for us to eat indoors? There will be about 20 guests, all vaccinated, and the 65 and older crowd have all received boosters?”

Here’s the Times’ sadistic reply:

I’m glad to hear that the children and all guests are vaccinated. As the kids will not be fully vaccinated until two weeks after their second shot, I think some care is warranted, especially because some attendees are 65 and older and thus at greater risk of more serious breakthrough infections. You could have the kids wear masks, eat quickly and stay away from the older adults when eating.

So what you’re telling us is that the vaccine doesn’t work?

How else are you supposed to interpret the madness of treating small children as though they are some kind of biological threat?

Everyone at that gathering will be vaccinated, but to protect the vaccinated, the kids must shovel food into their faces and then get muzzled with a filthy mask for the rest of the day.

“Eat quickly?”

Since when is that considered sound medical advice when it comes to viral transmissions?

Does the vaccine work, or not?

What the China Flu has done is unleash and expose the left’s cruel streak, especially when it comes to abusing children.

These are truly broken people who simply cannot stand the idea of other people enjoying themselves, of gathering and laughing, of having fun without a set of rules and guidelines handed down from their betters.

That’s all this is.

If you’re vaccinated, you’re vaccinated.

If you’re not vaccinated at this point, you have made an adult decision to accept a certain amount of risk.

There is no reason, none, why life cannot return to normal.

There is no reason, none, why kids have to be brutalized and stunted with these filthy masks.

The only thing this is about is the killjoys and buttinskies on the left, these godless, soulless neurotics who have found an excuse to sound morally superior while spoiling everyone’s good time.

This, to me, is just one more example of how the left is deliberately being ugly and anti-science, and unreasonable to twist the vaccine (which I support) into a divisive political issue. Instead of being reasonable and fact-based, and compassionate, the left is intentionally being ridiculous and punitive in a way that discourages the Trump supporters they want to see dead from getting vaccinated. Why get vaccinated, the unvaccinated say, if you still have to live like this?

Well, the answer is that you do not have to live like this.

But the sadists on the left do not have the decency to let go of the control this virus has given them over others.


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  1. It is clear that another objective of the plandemic hysteria is to eliminate the Thanksgiving and eventually the Christmas holidays. Independence Day is in imminent danger, and may by next year be overshadowed if not supplanted by Juneteenth. The secular pagans have been after Christmas for years, and it will not take too much panic porn or lockdowns to replace it with the Solstice. Since we have been fed for some time the line that Thanksgiving is actually an observance of white violence and genocide of noble indigenous peoples it will not take too much pressure to make the November festival an angry woke carnival of anti-whiteness. The ritual of Thanksgiving travel will be ended by domestic passports and inability to cross state lines, while the Thanksgiving feast and Black Friday may succumb to chronic food shortage and Third World economic disarray. The answer as with everything else these people plan is to fight them tooth and nail.

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