Biden Thinks Black People Don’t Know Where To Get An I.D Or How To Get Lawyers

Since President Joe Biden claimed that so-called “white supremacy” is the greatest threat to America in a speech in Tulsa, critics have delivered fiery monologue opposing his race-based speech and calling it ‘divisive, dishonest, and designed to inflame.’

Fox News Tucker Carlson first pointed out how cyberattacks weren’t even mentioned by Biden, even though gang warfare has shut down our essential supplies for the year. But according to Biden, white supremacy is the ‘lethal threat’ that terrorizes our homeland today – and he couldn’t even define what a “white supremacist” even is.

Carlson takes note that a think tank called the Minority Corporate Counsel Association has even tried to identify what ‘white supremacy’ really is. According to the group, white supremacy is having a ‘can-do attitude’ and a ‘tendency to rugged individualism’ – which is the threat that Biden, the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, the U.S military, and the intel community are all warning about.

According to the University of Maryland’s Global Terrorism Database, a total of 64 people have been killed between the years of 2015 and 2019 due to individual white supremacists and nationalists.

Carlson says that the numbers aren’t real and if you dig a bit deeper, you’ll see that the Parkland school shooting is counted as a ‘white supremacist’ attack, even though it has not been defined as so. If you took that number at face value, the current ranking of white supremacist national killings per year on average is 16.

Carlson even compared the numbers presented to those in the city of Chicago.

“For comparison, 774 people were murdered in the city of Chicago alone just last year! And very few of the perpetrators were white nationalists, we can tell you! Those trends hold up nationally, in 2019 there were 11,000 arrests nationwide for murder. Young black men made up a majority of those arrests despite being about six percent of the overall population. So there’s no credible way to argue that ‘white supremacy’ is the most lethal threat that we face — that’s not an argument, it’s its own form of racial attack!” Carlson said.

In his highly partisan speech, Biden also tried to blame Republicans for opposing his proposals and claimed that it would help the Black community in America at large. He said that the House of Representatives has a five-seat Democratic Party majority and that the Senate is tied 50-50, meaning that many Democrats have voted “more with the Republicans” than with the Democrats, presumably Sens. Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema. They have angered a ton of Democrats for refusing to support packing the Supreme Court and scuttling the Senate filibuster rule.

The motive of Biden’s speech is to increase support for the Democratic Party. He promised unity in his speech but charged that “hate is never defeated, but only hides.” He even shared memories of the second Ku Klux Klan, without bothering to mention that most of the KKK members were Democrats.

Fox News Miranda Devine called Biden’s speech a ‘cartoon view’ of a world in which Black people are incapable of showing ID at a polling booth or doing anything else because they are too afflicted by ‘whiteness.’ She said it was horrific that Biden refused to mention actual terrorist organizations that assault our democracy today.

“No, white supremacy is not a threat worse than ISIS. No, Texas’ voter ID bill is not ‘a truly unprecedented assault on our democracy. Biden could have given an uplifting speech on Tuesday at a ceremony marking 100 years since the Tulsa race massacre. Instead, he wheeled out his now-familiar refrain that democracy [is] ’in peril’ from the enemy within,” Devine said.

Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell also called Biden’s message ‘insulting’ and ‘offensive’ while pointing out that Black entrepreneurs can be just as successful as White entrepreneurs, but don’t have lawyers and accountants. 

“I’m a lawyer, 30 years as a lawyer, and here’s the other part that is so insulting. It makes an assumption, a racist assumption that Blacks only go to Black lawyers. I have Black clients, White clients, yellow clients…this guy plays the race card. Somebody needs to tell him he’s a racist,” Terrell said.

It is the way that a lot of liberals view Black people and see themselves as a ‘noble shepherd of the Black people’ when it’s just incredibly insulting and condescending. Dems have portrayed the views that Blacks aren’t smart enough to succeed in America – and you’ve never heard any of them denying it. I don’t think anyone with a reasonable mind and intellect would’ve found Biden’s speech American and acceptable, it’s just more planned divisiveness.

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